Adakah malam ini akan sama macam time tu? I guess have to find out tonight. Masa tu cik Ross Stone and kak Ninaz turun all the way from Penang just to watch their beloved idol perform LIVE. Aku cuma pengikut je bila mana ada orang ajak boleh aje diikut. Bila mereka tak ada aku pun macam boring je nak pergi mana-mana. Yang paling frustrated tak dapat tengok Glambert since ingat tak ada orang nak pergi. Last last ada kakak kat ofis yang pergi. I was informed pun dah last minute dan they just purchased the tix day before the concert. To be frank, its not because the Lambert itself that i would kick myself because didnt go but more to the Glam on the stage. To compare tonight show with the Glam...? We'll see.


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